LakeSpy™ Water Temperatures

From the makers of AnglerSpy™, you can now get real-time, ad-free lake water temperature readings for Lake of the Ozarks & Table Rock Lake. Includes Current Water Temperature, 7 Day & 30 Day Water Temperature Graphs and Lake Level.

Support our efforts so that we can bring you more monitoring sites, deeper data dives and more feature rich content – all designed to help you catch more fish or enjoy the day on the lakes you love.

By downloading & subscribing, you will be part of a small group who can help shape the future of inland lake monitoring by helping us build the first private network designed specifically for lake enthusiasts & anglers, starting right here in the Ozarks.

LakeSpy is currently available for iOS (Apple) devices.

Ad-Free Water Temperatures on Your Apple Device

Get the same accurate, hourly water temperatures from AnglerSpy™ on an ad-free mobile app. Ditch the browser & avoid the ads.

Real-time Temps

No Ads!

Simple to Use

Map Interface

From White River Sky Net

We’re the team behind, the original real-time water temperature website for Table Rock Lake & Lake of the Ozarks

Trusted & Local (here in the Ozarks)

Accurate Real-time Water Temperatures

Historic Water Temperatures (7 Day & 30 Day Graphs)

Lake Level Readings

AnglerSpy Data without the Ads

Coming soon: more features, more video feeds and more measurement sites.


Tools to Plan Your Outing

See current water temperature, trending graphs and live Current Conditions cams.


Quickly & easily check current water temperatures, lake level & current conditions for your local lakes – without the hassle of opening your browser and dealing with advertisements.

Optional Map Interface

Find the measurement site nearest to where you’re boating using a simple pinch & zoom map interface on your mobile phone. Tap to check water temperatures and current conditions.

Download LakeSpy™ for Your Apple Device

We are releasing LakeSpy™ to a small group of initial core users. Download today to support us as we make improvements, expand the network and add additional features. Your membership won’t change, regardless of how many lakes are added. The Android version is under development.


Real-tme water temperatures & current conditions for Table Rock Lake & Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Currently available for iOS on Apple devices. From the makers of AnglerSpy™